Basic website
mbake -w
Basic website to let your quickly setup your first project
Basic blog
mbake -b
Quick setup of the blog, in conjunction with the Web-admin will let you build E-commerce/CMS site in a minutes
Basic CRUD app
mbake -u
Basic CRUD show your the ViewModel paradigm that mbake trying to accomplish, how to be dynamic but UI first oriented
mbakeX -m
Web-admin is meant for non-programmers, manage your blog or other CMS online just by installing the web-admin. In conjuction with our blog, you will have ready fully functional Blog/CMS/E-Commerce in few minutes of setup
Starter dash Web App
mbakeX -d
Basic dashboard starter with chartjs, c3 and nvd3 samples
Slides markdown
mbakeX -k
Animated page with markdown
Electron app
mbakeX -e
Use electron with mbake to build cross platform web application
Hybrid phonegap app
mbakeX -o
Reuse existing web development skills to quickly make hybrid applications built with pug, scss and JavaScript

Don’t fight low-code—lead low-code. Do it today. It will lead you in the right direction.

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