1. Most other low-code are based on DB table. We are opposite / front facing: you make a mockup/prototype - and then the back end.
  2. Any css framework, design system, or default: BootStrap
  3. Any .js framework, or our own default: ViewModel
  4. Iterative development: reduce app maintenance and iteration cost via our WebAdmin editor.
  5. High productivity Low-Code: similar to MS PowerApps, Oracle Visual Builder, Coda.io, Wix Corvid; but for professional developers.
  6. Can leverage Custom Elements
  7. Static Generator(similar to Hugo or Jekyll): You write Sass, Pug, .ts: it emits SEO friendly static content(including optional AMP) to the CDN.
  8. Cross Platform from single code base: Web, IOS, Android (similar to Google’s Flutter, but instead leveraging Adobe’s free https://Build.PhoneGap.com); but with working SEO.
  9. Built-in support for I18N
  10. Built in deployment (GitDown) for multiple environments such as staging.
  11. Built in support for SQL back end.
  12. Progressive PWA
  1. 100% of our code is Open Source! What you build with the tools is your license.
  2. CRUD tutorial, and example apps.
  3. Built in auth, admin and adding end-users.
  4. A path of gradually adjusting/migrating other apps to use INTUITION.DEV tool.
  5. Built in SQL support and FTS
  6. Built in file upload
  7. User-admin built in.
  8. Live-reload of course. And browser extension to edit from www.
  9. Lazy loading of dependencies, including popular dependencies already defined)
  10. keyboard driven (F12 Custom Elements in v1.1)
  11. Works with popular Design Systems
  12. Single socket for app, editor and API
  13. Mono repo for front and back end
  14. AMP support
  15. HTTP-RPC lib

Don’t fight low-code—lead low-code. Do it today. It will lead you in the right direction.

Please star our main project here https://github.com/intuition-dev/INTUITION